About:. wertstahl is a kunstwort constructed from the german words wert and stahl.
it was coined in november 1998, with the sole intent of being prominent. it previously was just the name of my techno-industrial band, and is now my universal nickname, too.
my real name is sebastian ivo hartmann, i am an audio-producer and -engineer, but also a media-designer and oldschool-coder. a few people believe that i am an artist. since 2019 i am using ws as abbr.

this page, which focuses mainly on all my past and current musical works, is not a blog. it is more like a codex. note: if you are easily offended by satirical remarks or strong language, you should leave this page right now.



110-2024 cli


015-2023 xor


341-2022 psaux 21+

Floating aloft.


RLS 21-DEC-2022

292-2022 BlitzWays Sourcecode

"He got sauce"

Game Logo

Sometimes things take even longer. Like 30 Years.

Link to terrible sourcecode added: https://www.wertstahl.de/ways/

276-2022 15 years later Part II


Wait A Second! is the second of two albums and contains 15 Tracks.

The material on both albums was written over the span of 15 years, which, when viewed from a certain perspective, suddenly all fitted together. I have quite an archive of tracks and from time to time i review them, and during this run they really snapped into place and had to be refined and finished.

PSAUX is the follow-up of my first Solo-Project aGe2.1

Done. Next!

Walking away, not looking at the explosion.

175-2022 15 years later


Wait A Minute! is the first of two albums and contains 13 Tracks.

The material on both albums was written over the span of 15 years, which, when viewed from a certain perspective, suddenly all fitted together. I have quite an archive of tracks and from time to time i review them, and during this run they really snapped into place and had to be refined and finished.
The second part "Wait A Second!" is currently being remastered and will be available soon.

PSAUX is the follow-up of my first Solo-Project aGe2.1

If you travelled a certain distance, the time must come eventually, when the quotes you give are your own, ocasionally.

Looking forward, to morrow.

197-2022 an eternity


& Thrust Intensity


My genre is probably discomfort. Therefore:

La tortura es la culminación de esa aspiración al saber, el grado máximo de la inteligencia institucional.

The above is a random quote. I do not agree with any context that uses this quote except my own context. RATIO VINCIT INSANIAM.
169-2022 what made you



Collective dumbness seems natural.

Looking forward to another Chicxulub.


the only winning answer is not to play!

not nato! just don't!!

German Freaklove




219-2021 PSAUX

PSAUX: Wait a minute!

Techno Electro Industrial
Written and produced by Sebastian I. Hartmann
(c)2005-2021 BC//AD
196-2021 BrzH1!l The Errrrrrrr

FTY..rrmp42isomavc1....,e born in Bxlgium2

Unexpected Data Segment

[Bleepblop] 33lder was the most significxNR [IBBPBBPBBP].

load -->
fiddle -->
save -->

Nice! bbrefs 39$12nsd mfllbrb process.

170-2021 announcement

PSAUX: 21+

21+ by PSAUX was scheduled for release on 12-21-21.
[UPDATE: 21+ is postponed to Q1/2023 due to worldwide mass insanity]

Approx. 23 Tracks / 80 min., Ambient/Orchestral/Synth/Halfspeed/NoComment
Written and produced by Sebastian I. Hartmann
(c)2019-2023 BC//AD
156-2021 Boddicker



Memory Protect Off.

.zip -->
Bridge Music Recording Studio -->
Sysex -->
Set 39 Michael Boddicker VRC-1004

Nice! Launch Thermopod!

054 & 666 | AahAHahAhaHahaHAhahaaaAaAaaaa

Trapped in the illusion of freedom

Normally, i don't care much about adressing things that obviously are a trend or a fad. But with what some call the beer disease, the pandemic or even covid, there is one interesting thing to observe:

Not only is the forced excess of spare time not being used for more creative ideas and work, actually, the creative people are being less motivated and productive, while the rather uncreative and normal people come up with a flood of absurd pseudo-creative output. (Google: covid challenges)

I personally have been observing, that in times of great stress at work, where having spare time was a rare luxury, i had the most intense drive to be creative. The more stress i faced at work and the more my spare and leisure time was limited, the sharper my creative focus and the higher my actual artistical output would be.

Now, since i have reached sort of a double-paradise, since i had been working in home office already for one year before the pandemic event started. And with the lowered expectations from employer and public due to the event, i find myself in a limbo of procrastination where i must actually discipline myself in a military manner to even get up out of bed and stay awake to actually accomplish the simplest tasks, like caring for my own life.

In retrospect, compared to all the moments when i was able to let go of any stress, the current situation feels like a permanent vacation. Which, as bizarre as it may sound, has very Star Trek Nexus-ish qualities to it. (Google: Star Trek Generations)
And now, that Trumpenstein is gone and there is a literal Zombie at the top of the world again, there even aint any more annoying socmed turmoil going on.

This is the void.

Lights are out, ship's power is dead, floating in space. Black, silent, cold.

No need to finish this writing. Just lay down and let the world do it's thing.
Since nobody can't have fun, there's even no use in being jealous.

Satan wins by chance. As Nostradamus predicted.

Enjoy! :-)

42-2021 tHe mOnEy iS haPPy



Ok, doomer! This minimalist art installation has been updated:

Click: The Sound Of BTC


" Stuff "

Just... Stuff  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

011 & 666-2021 | VLTRA

Tyske Ludder

The gang and i are about to drop some EBM carpet bombing this year.

0-2021 | Do you keep up with your commodore?

New Years Eve 64 - A long story

I tried to have a nice evening playing M.U.L.E. on original Commodore C64 hardware. Had done preparations alot of times before, but "suddenly", it wouldn't work anymore. Difficult story, but luckily a happy end.

Note "suddenly" for later.

I have been using a Zoomfloppy interface with Windows XP in VMWARE sucessfully for a long time after i migrated to Windows 7 and later to Windows 10. Who needs Linux, i need to get stuff done instead just fiddling around with the console ;-)

I have the Zoomfloppy Interface connected via USB to my PC and also (individually) to my 1570, 1541 and 1541-II-clone. Using CBMXfer it worked pretty well most of the time. I never got it to work with Windows 7 or 10, but in the Windows XP VM it was stable.

So i thought to myself, since GF and i spent some long evenings of M.U.L.E. playing, why not present it on real hardware on the bigscreen tonight. Instead of playing it on the dreaded VICE emulator, again. I must add, i had some suspicions about the ingame values randomization being "different" in the emulation, but that was just half of the story why i wanted to play it on real hardware. I wanted the game to be entirely in it's oldschool style with zero input lag from USB-gamepad layers and i wanted it to feel authentic. If you have never played an oldschool game on real hardware, you might not know what i am talking about. Try it, and you will learn how different it feels. It is somehow faster, but also slower and more colorful but also looks less polished. It is an experience.

So, i thought, lets fire up the VM, connect the 5,1/4 inch floppy drive and copy a fresh disk image of a known good M.U.L.E. crack to disk. VMWare told me okay, there is "something on USB that you could use, do you want to?". Ofcourse i couldn't even see the interface. CBMXfer saw nothing. No Error, no message, just nothing. It took me about 3 hours of failing to reinstall drivers on the Windows 10 host and Windows XP guest side, to finally figure out that i had missed the "suddenly". I had upgraded VMWare some months ago without checking the Windows XP guest's USB settings, which were now set to USB 3.0. Which in short Windows XP simply "can't".

So after now 5 hours of fiddling around, it was just setting the guest's USB controller settings in VMWare from USB 3.0 to 2.0 and *poof*. It worked again. (Which is right now, at the time of this writing.)

Luckily, earlier on, i had checked if i had M.U.L.E. on another disk still. And yes, it was actually on my 5,1/4-Inch Floppy labeled "001". I was clever enough to not ruin the evening by trying to fix some very uninteresting problem. And we actually played until GF passed out and then i took a chance to look at what was wrong with the setup in the first place. And i did not order new hardware or reinstalled everything or read through endless forums. I just tried to fly through the windowpane for like 4-5 hours, lets say 40 attempts.

Leaning back and taking a deep breath, i thought: "What have i missed? Why is this actually happening?"

So somehow i managed to notice, that the USB driver i tried to install over and over again with no luck in WindowsXP, wasn't actually the Zoomfloppy driver, as i took for granted, but the USB 3.0 hub driver, which would *never* have worked, switched it to USB 2.0 in the VM settings and yelled "MOTHERFUCKER!", as the 1541 finally mounted.

Last drink down the hatch, had to get this off my chest.

Oh, - and how i gave up early on connecting the video signal of the C64 to HDMI and simply used a very cheap S-VIDEO to D-SUB converter is a whole other story of not wasting too much time, when it's just time to having a good time.

Don't hate the number, hate the media and the government. Goodbye 2020.

PS.: I still have the strong suspicion, that, regarding randomisation, the gameplay is different on real hardware, compared to playing it in the emulator. But it cannot be ruled out that it also is due to different cracked versions and lack of skill. I mean we all play in tournament mode, humans, and get out on top with 20k+ money, right?

PPS.: Writing down and cross-referencing the ups and downs of prices in M.U.L.E. is normal, right?

361-2020 | calm recap


Next to the fairly acceptable kids-oriented fantasy "The Mandalorian", The Expanse is the only contemporary SciFi-franchise that really keeps my hopes for futuristic escapism up. I say this after having witnessed the epic failure of D*scovery and P*card.
(Better no clearname brands here, they don't deserve a single further bit of promotion.)

To be fair, the amount of utter failure of forementioned Star Trek installment and the other, non-Star-Trek turd, actually helped me alot to appreciate how visionary re-adjusted The Expanse actually is.

If you got too much time, enjoy reading books, and would love a long read on the Expanse side of things, i strongly recommend Markus Heitz' Justifiers : Collector (Amazon link for reference, please support your local bookstore!)

2020 - don't hate the number. Hate the politicians who ruined our healthcare system, the media who bombarded everyone with hysteria and every artist who fell for it and joined the chant. (Fuck your Covid and Lockdown sessions!) Have a chat with workers in healthcare and you know what i mean.

319-2020 | way beyond





is always lower you can go.

(Fargo, S04E08, 2020)


It happened in November.

November Of Life

L O A D I N G . . .

© 2020 wertstahl | wertstahl is a battlecommand.org product || mp3


"He got gabber"

I am very proud to being part of the awesome Boozedrome III Amiga Hardcore/Gabber compilation with my track Ketrxcel (Track number 9).
A truly outstanding selection of tracks by a small elite of composers who still master the wizardry of creating art using the Protracker format.
Read more about it here!

Hardcore will never die!

179-2020 Ways Blitzways Imploder

"He got game"

Game Logo

Sometimes things take a little longer. Like 28 Years. Enjoy! Click!



256-2019. OR IS IT ?


Yes, this happened. Enjoy.

Deeper and deeper.

Cover Art: Original Image by GrahamTG, 3D Model by Jason Tinsley. Used with friendly permission. www.deviantart.com/grahamtg
Very special greetings to Max G. Hartmann.



And never will. No matter how much money you make.

Video unrelated.

AI will go. But you won't. Y'all be stayin' here. Eternally.
Banana in cage = yes. Go outside cage = no.

Oh, and you better go call up your .."God". It's umh.. urgent imminent.

112-2019. VMWARE10, WIN7, WIN10, SHARE

VMWare 10 on Windows 7 Host,
Windows 10 Guest sees no shares : FIXED

You are still running Windows 7 and have your VMs in VMWare 10 neatly arranged. One of them is a Windows 10 and it won't for some reason see any shared folders from the host system you declared in the VMWare settings. (Account not activated error message)

Here is your fix:

On the GUEST System (the Windows 10 running in your VM, that is)

run regedit.exe and navigate to
select the key ProviderOrder, (Type REG_SZ)
change the value
"RDPNP, LanmanWorkstation,webclient"
"vmhgfs,RDPNP, LanmanWorkstation,webclient"
open "this pc" in your Windows 10 and add a new network drive to find the path to your drive you previously shared in VMWare Settings.

As seen in a post from Integent
- thanks alot!


"Windows 7/8/10: Drag and drop file to .bat to extract audio from video"

Drag and drop any video clip onto program and get extracted audio from video clip as PCM .wav

Preriquisites: Have Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 installed. Else break.
Download ffmpeg, extract archive to a folder

[01.] make a new_folder

[02.] from the ffmpeg/bin/ folder copy the ffmpeg.exe into the new_folder, the original ffmpeg folder can now be deleted

[03.] create a new textfile in your new_folder

[04.] copypasta this into the textfile:

  ffmpeg.exe -i %1 -vn -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 2 -ar 44100 %1.wav

[05.] save and close file

[06.] rename textfile to convert2wav.bat

[07.] drag and drop any video file onto the convert2wav.bat file.
  a cmd window will pop up and tell you lots of stuff.
  a wav file should have been generated.

[08.] this is a statement, not a poll.

Usecase: watch stuff on Netflix. Stumble across awesome sample. Skip back a little. Launch Replay Video Capture and cap vid for visual archive and clearance purposes. Later, without hassle, extract audio from video for sampling, whenever desired.
340-2018. Suplies!

"Make it yourself!"

Obviously, those convenient little ramen kits are packaged death.

But, there is a way out. Since i have been watching Miso Hungry, i was really convinced that a healthy diet could easily be rooted in asian quisine. And since i had to find out that the instant products coming from forementioned quisine are more or less desinged to kill people, i thought i better skip the industry part and try to be a little bit more fundamental. Watch the vid above and learn. Oh and if you ask yourself about how to solve that curly problem: it is not folding or something. Watch this instead.

Thank me later.

Oh and fuck you, 2018, i'm with 2019 now.

274-2018. He emerged in the saloon, but this time without his gun in hand, to everybody's surprise.

Von der Assel.

Als Assel versteht sich im individuellen Sprachgebrauch einerseits ein archaisches Kleintier und andererseits eine sich asozial, geschmacklos und erbärmlich abbildender Mensch, in diesem Ansatz aber auch aus der Perspektive eines Misantrophen betrachtet.

Gegenüber dem in den 80er Jahren bekannt gewordenen Assi oder auch Vollassi unterscheidet sich die Menschenassel dahingehend, dass sie weder die Assi-Optik (auffallend geschmacklose Frisur und Kleidung, die schon wieder einen Stil darstellt), noch den vom Assi bekannten einfältigen Brutalismus der Sprachgestaltung aufweist. (Stichworte: Schackeline, Ballonseidenfummel, Fussi, Vokuhila)

Die Assel, in diesem Fall also die Menschvariante, bildet sich in einer Gruppe ab, die keine bewusste oder feste Gemeinschaft pflegt. Optisch und auch inhaltlich besiedelt sie aus purer Anspruchslosigkeit heraus die Weidegründe der Belanglosigkeit. Sie lässt sich als unbewusstes Kollektiv am besten im internationalen Internet beobachten, und ist am häufigsten an Orten anzutreffen, an denen jemand (meistens eine Nicht-Assel) beschlossen hat, eine potentiell ästhetische, komplexe Sache kostenlos anzubieten. Die höchstgradig intellektuell entschleunigten Absonderungen der Assel finden sich in den Kommentarfeldern ebensolcher Angebote. (Beliebte Weidegründe: Zeitung, Software, Musik, Youtube)

Vermehrt ist die Assel auch auf Festivals von musikalischen Young-Adult-Kulturen anzutreffen, die ihre Zielgruppe aus dem besonders gleichförmigen Zentralfahrwassers des Hauptstroms schöpfen.

Wie in der Natur üblich, ist auch die Asselgruppe Wirt für spezialisierte Schmarotzer. In diesem Fall ist sie vom Werbergesindel und von Meinungsbildern (Influencer) sehr gerne beleckt. Der Duktus lautet: die Assel wütend machen, jedoch nicht auf sich selbst. Anschliessend Marken propagieren und möglichst viele Produkte von ausgesprochen geringem inhaltlichen- und Produktions-Wert verkaufen. Dann schnell GmbH-Betrug 2.0 (GmbH-Ex) betreiben, die Marke verschwinden lassen um eine Leere zu erzeugen, die Platz für ein unstillbares Verlangen nach "Mehr" bietet. "Mehr" stellt hierbei kein erreichbares Ziel, sondern ein diffuses Verlangen dar.

Sinnbild: Angenommen es ist ein Garten geöffnet worden, in dem es kostenlos Gemüse zum mitnehmen gibt. Die Assel würde nun wie folgt vorgehen (ohne dass dem ein Konzept unterläge):
Die erste Assel würde den Garten entdecken und diesen Fund ohne weitere Inanspruchnahme des Angebotes auf allen Sozialmedienkanälen kundtun. Die Entdeckung alleine stellt in diesem Fall schon eine Leistung dar, da alles, was vorher noch niemand Entdeckt hat, ein tolles Geheimnis (von sozialmedialem Mehrwert) ist, selbst wenn es sich um ein öffentlich zugängliches Angebot handelt. Ein das Angebot umschreibendes Schild würde fotografiert werden, und mit dem Kommentar versehen: "Didn't read, LOL!" (Nicht gelesen, lautes Lachen!)

Nach einer kurzen Aggregationsphase, in der der Fund sich unter den Asseln im Sozialmediennetz verteilt, kommt es nun unweigerlich zum Massenansturm auf das Angebot. Der gesamte Garten wird geplündert. Alles, auch abseits der Wege wird blindlings Zertrampelt, Schilder abgerissen und als Trophähe mitgenommen. Einiges dahingeworfenes Gemüse wird die Zufahrt zum Garten säumen, weil das Interesse kurz nach Verlassen des Geländes schwand. Das für die Identifikation der Assel bezeichnendste jedoch ist - hier unterscheidet sie sich von gewöhnlichen Plünderern, was sich nun im Kommentarfeld zum Garten abspielt:

[Sinnbildliche Beispiele, von echten Kommentaren aus dem Internet abgeleitet]
0. "Sinnlose Aktion. Mach lieber 1 Frikadellenbude!"
1. "Hat sich nicht gelohnt. Nur scheiss Gemüse. Kein Fleisch!"
2. "Es war viel zu wenig für mich da. Schlechte Aktion!!!!!"
3. "Den Garten bitte grösser machen und mir vorher bescheid sagen!"
4. "Ich habe sehr viel Gemüse mitgenommen. Wie verkaufe ich es?"
5. "Bitte beim nächsten mal auch Gemüse XYZ anbieten, bin stinksauer!"
6. "Wo sind Rezepte? Ich kann nicht kochen. Bitte für mich kochen!"
7. "Ich habe kein Fleisch und Wurst bekommen. Wo bekomme ich Fleisch und Wurst?"
8. "Ich habe irgendwas mitgenommen. Was ist es? Was mache ich damit?"
9. "Keine Ahnung von Gemüse, aber die Qualität ist sehr schlecht. Nie wieder!"

Diese Textmenge sollte genügen um die Assel zu identifizieren und meine Verachtung zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Die Assel ist beispielsweise ein Grund dafür, weshalb dies hier eine Ansage und keine Umfrage ist.

No comment 2.0 : Opinions not welcome.

161-2018. NPC Combat Tactics

An import
ant in

Above: Upper formation (crosses) is being blurred to lower formation. Following: Solution.

;6510 Assembly, Target: Commodore C64, CBMprg Crosscompiler Syntax

      ldx #$00
      ldy #$26

blurloop  clc
      lda readbuf-1,x
      adc readbuf+1,x
      sta pot

      lda readbuf-40,x
      adc readbuf+40,x
      adc pot
      sta writebuf,x

      adc readbuf+2,x
      sta pot

      lda readbuf-39,x
      adc readbuf+41,x
      adc pot
      sta writebuf+1,x

      bne blurloop

;loop for desired amount of lines and adjust line lenght in y

Based on code by Sparta/OMG (Thanks!)

106-2018. I did not hit her, it's not true, it's bullshit, I did not hit her, I did not. Oh, hi, Mark!

Vilken är originalet?

Det finns dagar när vi föredrar en enkel öl.

Björnen är klibbig med honung.

087-2018. Machete these updates one by one.

Hipsterpunkbusiness 4.0!

Amigarrrrr! (a Commodore computer reference)

Viddy well, my droogs, i made this Protracker .mod in 1996 i presume, regarding the timeline of events, but the timestamp wasn't properly recorded (nulled to 1980). I am not hesitant to reveal my (actually existing) tracker works though, while others prefer to cloud their allegiance in some promotional vapor.

Anyways, ...

... back in the days, also, we (cracking scene dudes) went to events like the one hinted at in the slightly fakenewsed artwork of the track, and went full scale teenage lightning.
Give it a DIY! Bring some paperclips, cuttings, usb-killers, permanent-markers, mini-spraycans and see what you shouldn't do, at your own risk :-) Oh and it is just much more fun if you briefly start a group [gang], with a logo, stickers, shirts, bags of animal inerts and stuff like that. No hacking skills required. I think the VC Businesspunks (not red at all, but green devils all over the place) call it being disruptive, nowadays.

Well, well, well - disrupt away old-school. Enjoy le!

A little bit of tolchocking won't hurt the ones who -better not- get caught, that much.

So veganishly satirical today, look at how much art and freedom of speech i am expressing.

I feel quite darude to show my kugelsack right here:
Cleaning Commando B Protracker.mod (250KB .zip)
>>>>> Replay (and edit) with OpenMPT (free).

031-2018. Funny how time flies when you're having fun.



Well, it's been an extremely intense trip, such a harsh learning curve, unbelieveably far out heights... Don't even bother phantasizing about it. And i promise, you will have obtained the worries, when you get here. (Although you won't admit shit.) Exception: you did that suicide thing. Time distorts by multitudes of extreme, compared to any FX unit. If you disagree, you probably still dwell in the first third. (Spoiler: It's an intellect thing.) Feel free to come back and agree in the second or final third. No understand? Lucky bastard!

But, of course, you know it, better.

003-2018. Fuck you 2017, i'm with 2018 now.

"Bladerunner 2049 ...
why u so boring, man?"

Actually did i wait for the digital release to have an unspoiled, intimate experience with the new movie and then...

Bladerunner 2049 is by far the most boring, 1-dimensional, uninspired, heartless and useless movie since i can't remember. Yes it looks perfect. And there is a one-digit percentage of niceness in the movie - thats true. But... Uch! Mad Max 4 could do it, Alien: Prometheus could do it, Star Wars practically blew the legacy versions away, Star Trek finally turned around,... but this? It just feels like a second brew of an already not-soo-good tea, then watered down even more, leaving so many exciting opportunities just ... untouched and ignored ... at the side, so many doors unopened, such a... as if you walk right through paradise, down the main hallway just to get to the McDonalds. And it is the same empty, meaningless blur that Sony already dragged the James Bond franchise into. Go home, Sony, you are uninspired! Please! Just a hint: skip opiates and valium, dear Sony suits, and try weed or DMT for a change. I feel so numb after watching this, i'm afraid you're having serious visionary problems. Boring vibes, dudes!

So, if you are a hard core bladerunner and 80's industrial style fan: do yourself a favor and skip the 2049 thing. It ruins everything.

291-2017. This is not an exercise.

"Level 42"

After long years of thorough observation, i have come to the following conclusion.

If your experience differs from this, you might suffer from living in a filter bubble.

This is not a joke, actually i am very thoroughly serious about this. Again.

266-2017. Preaching to the perverted.

"Attention please!"

No matter what you think and since i'm not asking for opinions, let it be known:

This is by far one of the most entertaining and best albums of all time. It is a real, super-complex, vivid and meaningful album. I kid you not! Knort and i have spent countless hours of lawnmower tuning and Commodore hacking, in the dawn of the 1990s, whilst listening to it.

Unless you knowingly nodd and agree, go the fuck over to your record store or amazon and buy the remastered double-cd (and rip it to flac) right now!

This is not a joke, actually i am very thoroughly serious about this. Big chance i am listening to it right now, for the 1337th time!

260-2017. Cancer du Monde.

"Computer, add armageddon to my shopping list."

Since futurism has become yet another marketing lube, i am happy to finally having found my funeral party.

Dear media- and -designer-cowhores, thank you for prying Cthulhu's gate wide open. Thank you for your blatant humanism and naivety. As a philosopher of misantrophy, i feel like Nero, watching Rome burn. On a global scale. You're doing Satan's work better than i could ever have wished for. Pass the poison. Let us dance.

247-2017. Breaking news.

Why so saur, Dino?

C=Rex Offline @ Datastorm Summer 2017

In march of 2017, Hedning commanded me to port this game to the commodore C=64, of whose assembly language i happen to be a native speaker.
As it turned out to be more of a challenge than i thought (took longer than the estimated 2 weekends, haha), i was lucky to be able to present it at Datastorm Summer 2017 demoparty, where, which i found out after arriving, also sweet people like Chris Huelsbeck, for instance, would happen to participate.
Thus, i had a intensely awesome weekend in Sweden, after a menacing time of living-up-to-expectations-coding and serious Lebenszweifel.
But for the latter, an easy cure is actually beer.
The rest is just getting your ass up and crunch through the tidal wave.

Some words in this text have links in them and you can click on them.

The game was released here (CsDB), here (Pouet), here (40 numbered copies on floppy disk) and here (GitHub).

Have a nice day.

TL,DR: visited the city of Gothenburg in Sweden to release a Commodore C=64 conversion of the game t-rex offline aka dino runner and it was awesome.

246-2017. Music, at last.


I was offered to have one of my tunes be used as a soundtrack to a graphics card comparison video. The song itself actually is from my PSAUX record, but since the original version contains pornography-related samples of Heather 'Deepthroat' Brooke, i had to make a SFW version of the tune, for which i then used my Wertstahl monicker as remixer credit. Clever, right? By the way, making the song sound like a late 90s Cabaret Voltaire song, was actually done on purpose.

Thank you, King Citro, for making it happen!

198-2017. "Gut feeling. 5.56."

"Wertstahl - Cobra/Delta/Black[ß]"

10-Tracks Instrumental drum&bass; / jungle + electro.
Note: the bandcamp info says it has 13 tracks. That is a bug && not true.

136-2017. Guessing into the future. Constantly.

"Automation will eventually eliminate the need for human labor."

Today, again, i was just fooling around with that brain organ, which i am carrying around with me, at all times, inside that skull, which is attached to my body's skeleton, when i suddenly felt like interneting this extensive read.

Be warned, it is text, not a video, so, there might be some actual labor involved.

How boring, right?

Here is some plain, scientific speculation on that topic.

101-2017. Experiment, Test, Tweak, Export. Plus i really fell in love with the Spessart.



From Proto-Italic wideo,
from proto-indo-European weyd ("to know; see").

Cognates include Ancient Greek eído, Mycenaean Greek wi-de, Sanskrit vétti, Russian vídet,
Old English witan (English wit), German wissen, Macedonian vidi, Swedish veta..

Composer link: Inipi - Raining Acid

83-2017. RLS, ZIP, STOR, DEL

Endlich bist du weg.

lycht aus

Ein letzter Abschiedskuss und dann ist schluss.

58-2017. Reality lurks nearby

Disco Afterparty.

" We Americans are slow(*) to anger. We always seek peaceful avenues before resorting to the use of force - - and we did. We tried quiet diplomacy, public condemnation, economic sanctions, and demonstrations of military force. "

Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, April 14, 1986

(*) The United States of America conducted retaliation airstrikes on Libya 9 days after the disco club "La; Belle" in Berlin was targeted by a terrorist bomb attack, allegedly orchestrated by the Libyan secret service. As of current state of knowledge, the U.S. government allegiations were refuted, so being stated in a report by german ZDF TV FRONTAL Magazine on August 25th, 1998.

46-2017. (D) is for Dystopic

Praepostfaktischer Neoklassizismus der deutschen Realitaetsverzerrung.

aka "Journalismus"


So afraid of the future are many, that the twisting of reality shall be our business.
Make it scary. Make it unsafe.



A great thunder. A screen of dust and smoke. An urgent message.

Entledigt DMO

L O A D I N G . . .

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Get the full album Forced To Fear here.

02-2017. Death to the Monsters.

Ego, fein Feind.

Back in the days, when we turned our backs on the gothic circus kindergarden.

000-0000. Unrecorded.

Even more legacy.

Remember when you did something for the first time? Well, i do. Ofcourse, from a professional view, there is always a little pain involved in the first time, but the initial thought just counts. Like a seed.

So here it is. The very first recording of the Wertstahl prototype, called CombatLinkK, created in 1991. When First Words was recorded directly to tape, in 1993 we had no idea of how we could achieve professionality, so brace yourselves. This is the rough shit.


Get the 2016 revised edition plus bonus versions right here:

CombatLinkK - First Words RV (1993) {R}2016

All tracks created with Oktalyzer on Commodore Amiga 500. And oh yes, i was around 16+ years of age.

Don't ever let anyone stop you.

000-0000. Unrecorded.

We decided to give you the original version of what then became Wertstahl's KONTROL.

wert stahl

It has some surprising versions and additional graphics. Enjoy this official demo release!

Newly released legacy version [+ graphics and video]:

Wertstahl - Industrial Mining
(2008 Kontrol Demo Vocals by GaU)

Official Retail version:
Wertstahl - Kontrol (2009) [apple music]

Wertstahl - Kontrol (2009) [Bandcamp]

000-0000. Unrecorded.

I helped a bit alot to make this become reality:

It took quite some time to mix and master. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

000-0000. Unrecorded.

We made this:


It is so beautiful.

159-2016. Unintended.

The peeps in Hacknet appreciated the quality of my sounds by feeling free to using one in their game.

Tweet tweet.

Keep up the great work!

154-2016. Campofino.

For your ultimate chilled layedbackness, i stirred together these fine tunes:

Park your Panzer in the bushes & have a beer!

000-0000. Unrecorded.

Industry is futile. The corrosion of subculture will fuck everything up. Ev. ery. thin. g!

vapor is the new new.

000-0000. Unrecorded.

these stairs, they lead DOWN

363-2015. Guitard.

Awakening of the Weird Species


A generous 3x MP3 download offering - super fresh stuff!

From below the melting permafrost Awakening of the Weird Species comes to you as a gift from the nice folks in Sethnefer, Fleischdolls and Wertstahl. It is a little appetizer for your ears and minds of what to expect in 2016. These are not just ordinary remixes, but the result of long time spiritual connectedness.
mnt.mn, producer of Fleischdolls was so nice to hack together some few lines of code, so i can show you how the excellent guitars* of Sethnefer, the freshness of Fleischdolls-Sound and the weirdness of Wertstahls' intense moments of highest concentration work together elegantly.
Click on the red picture above or here to go to the player, directly.
*("Organe Und Gewebe" by Fleischdolls also contains guitars by Sethnefer!)

000-0000. Unrecorded.


Valley Exit

294-2015. Invest igate.


Mountain View


000-0002. Unrecorded.


000-0000. Unrecorded.


152-2015. Bootloop.

Sͭͦ̽͑ͨỏ̗͕̲̟͔͖̉ͣ̚m̫̝̭͙̯͇̀ͥ̓̇ě̘͎̼̟̟̭̈́̓ͮͣ̽ͭͅṭ̠̮̗̝i̢̥͖̗̜̹̒̍ͧ̓m̳ͦ̾̋͑͐̈ͥ͢e̮̠̘̗̯̟ŝ̴̲̍͒́ ͚ ͧ̋͗̅̽ͨi̪̊̐̓̆̇̇̃ͅ ͪ̏̔̅ͦ̈́ͧ͏͎s̲̥͓̳̘̳̎ͧ̀t̩̭̟̒ͤͤͨ͌̅i̻̪͎̤̾̓̾͝ll͚̩ͯ̌̇̋͛͊̈͠ ͏̱̗̙̻̺͕ͅh̽̆̂̓̋̋ ̴̱̙̠̙̫͎̒ͅa̗̭̻̓̇̀ṿ̥͙͉e͉̘͙̦̋̾̎̔ ̮̻̱͂̕t̵͙͉̼̼̅ͤ̓̉͒ͅẽ̟̞̱̿rͤͥ̉̂ͪ̒͜ȓ̸̲͔͂̋̌i̳̻b̫͕̂̏̓͌̓ͭ̂̕l͗ ̘̘̹̀͊͛͌̚͞ḙ̵͖̠̪̜̞̈͌̽͊̃̔ ̦̠̈́̑̏͠ͅd̵͎̗͕͇͋r̪̦̝̽ͥͧ̎e̯͍̯ͤ͂̀ͯ̏ả̙ͣ͒̇ͧ̎͑m͈̼̲̠̩͙̞̈́s͉̠̙̓ ͖͋ͧ͂͘ ̝̼̩̹̝ȏ̡̤̪̺̳͂ͣ̏̚f̶͚̲̺̘̓͋͒͛̄ ̧͙͔͇̌͐̍̽ͩy͎̩̺̣͎̺͖̿͂̎ͯͥͤͫ͟o̹̥ͣ͝ͅu͓͇̯̬͑̿̊̎ͫ̓̆̕.̴̼̻ͩ̈͐ͫ ͈͍̹̳͐ͣ
͈̻̌ͦ̓ͥ͝A̷̤̯̻̩̪̹͔̎̄͑ͫ͑̏n̻̤̞͉͉ͯ̓d̫̻͕̪͕̣̯̎̂̈͟ ͗ͧͥ͘i̟̠̤̰͂̐ͩ̂ ̘̣̳̱͌ͣ́aͧ͊ͩm̪͖̱̗̖ͬ́ ̼̙͎͚ͧ̌̆̀ ͎l̲̝͐ū̶͖̩̘̞̻̘͆͒ͥ͌̏̏c̼ḵ̥̙̘̮̺̠ͧͪ͐ỵ̘͓̻͙ͣ́͑͐ͫ ̞͉̝̀ͅi̱̤̮ͣ ̂̃͆̋d͍͉̟͔̙͌͗ͦ̓ô̡̳̖̩̺͚̂ͧn̊̇̚҉ͅ'͋ ̞͙t̹̫̻̦̆͗̂̀ ̳̘̗͠w̳͕̥ͯa͍̮̬̟͚̩ͦͫ͐ͧ̄ͨͤͅs̫ͩ͑͊̉ͤͩͮt̝͖͎̞̹ē̶̱͓͎͛͑ ̗̖̪̰͑̇m̦̮ͤͬ͛̇̀y͂ͮ͐ͨ͐̓ͧ ̫͈̔͝ ͈̱̤̲̫t̝̤͔͍̜̦͑́i͚ͮ͢m̮̘̗̖͍̦ͨ͟e͟
̶̦̮̩̱̓́̈ͫ͊w̟̟͂͂ͧ͌́i̼̜t̞̙͖̒̂̓͊́ͅh̖͕̑͒͆ͬ ̯̠͕̹ͩͬ̈́ͮͦͮa̢̳͚͈̟̰ ͕̫̣̬͚̻̪͂̋̏ͥ̈ͨ͊h̤̜̱̒̍̏o͇̞̣̻ͫrͤ ̯̪̜͛̂ͣͬ̌̒r̯͍̰̤ͫ̾ͥ͛ͮi̳̠͖̪͓b̧͓̳̼̤̃̆̑͐̆ͦl̻͈͉͎͋͟ê̲̼̣̱̫̽ͅ ͮ̚p̬̻̹̳̬̰̞ͯ̔ͭ̏ͩ̆e͗̒̇͒҉͈̣r̹̥̉ͤ̽̊ ͚̪̘s̞̰̱̥̦͟o̶̓ͨ̂͆̈́ͪ̈n͎ͅ ̹̣̘͇͚ͮ̃͝ḽ͙̥̮̮̰̦͗͗͗͐̓́i͉̪̠̺̩̜̩͆̏̆k̶̫̲ͣͬͩ̀̎e͕̻͚̼͖͂͢ ̪͎͈̤ͣ̓ͧͯ̿ͥẙ ̢͎͔͍̳͚̞̾̽̂͂̏ŏ̧̰̭͓̩̗͎̌̄ͅu̬͔͑͠ ͫ͑̅҉̤͎̰̫͚a͂̎̐ͩ́̿n̞̯̮̒͡ͅy͎̙̪̾͐̚͡ṃ̷o̷̙̺͈͎͈̙̳͑̂ͦ̌ͮ̋r̨̿̆̍̚ ̣͇̹̤̭̙e̲̫ͤ̿͘ͅ.̜̜̳͎̺̗̉̇̽ͩ̑̀

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