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Full-Lenght Debut Album Digitally distributed since 2003.
Coming through your firewall.

Only two years after their founding, W.A.Mossad and his men =judas=, as well as kNort release their debut album, all digital. The Album ://Firewall focuses on social security matters in combination with recent technology and political issues. It features a very wide collection of sounds, describing many different emotional states of the mind.
://Firewall surely is the debut album of Wertstahl, but finally it´s the 10th longplayer by Pilzfeld Records, who are well known in germany for their weird ambient project "Das Neue Universum" (The New Universe).
Wertstahl´s first album deals with new technology songwriting (all compositions were created during conference sessions on the internet), brings up facts and sound documents of 9/11, the surrounding terrorist activities and social difficulties.
It can finally be seen as one hour of diagnosis what went wrong with your feelings and finding out what and who passed your personal firewall without permission.
Maybe this helps upgrading your security measures! | Free RED EDITION of the Album is here: click!

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